A  San Francisco Bay Area Native.   The self-taught Video artist simply  known by the name "3".

From his first VJ show in 2003 until today.  3's work has been highly sought after by the San Francisco nightlife community, art dealers and event coordinators. Establishing a name for himself by accepting  multiple residencies at prominent venues, organizations and collectives. Soon he began adapting his video skill to live performance.  Within a few years had an offer from an international performing arts dinner show called supperclub. After a short time as the video resident he was offered the title of creative director for the San Francisco location.  7 years of this work  as director and featured performer fine tuned his skill. Discovering his natural ability to direct and inspire other artists.   

Needles to say this put him on the fast track to permanent installations, established clients, and international contracts. 


Most recently 3 has been experimenting with digital sculpture and video mapping of fine art and environmental landscapes.

 Soon you will see.







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